July 2016

United Parish of Upper Nidderdale PCC Meeting 20th July 2016

1.0       Apologies for absence received from John Robson, and Margaret Mitchell.

1.1       Present: Rev Darryl Hall (Chair), John Hayton (Lay Chair), Kath Gill, Philip Clarke, Barry Nuttall, Jane Spooner, Judy Buller, Stuart Hatton, Doreen Prince, Rod Goodall, Daphne Clay, Jean Robinson, Nicola Sands, Eileen Bain, Kathy Newbould (Secretary).

1.2       Rev Darryl opened the meeting by welcoming Kathy Newbould as new Secretary to the PCC and invited Reverend Philip Clarke to open the meeting in prayer.

2.0       Minutes of PCC meeting held on 18.5.16.

2.1      Jean and Daphne were missing from the ‘present’ minutes. This was amended. The minutes were then declared true and accurate with proposal from Kath Gill and seconded by Stuart Hatton.

3.0      Matters arising: No items were raised.

4.0       AOB:   No items were raised.

5.0       Treasurer report

5.1       Margaret not here today as already at a pre arranged meeting. Rev Darryl read the report to the group.

5.2       Report: 

            3. Matters arising Comments from Margaret Mitchell re the last minutes.

3.1 Lindisfarne: 72 are booked on the trip with 16 on the walk which is now full.  Of the 72, there are still 37 to pay who signed the original list. Please ask at services this weekend for people to send their booking forms and money to me asap so I can book the right sized coach.

4.2   I still need to do this; sorry treasurers

10.3  There is a residue of funds in the PCC account for Youth work so please ask Margaret if there is a project.

This agenda:

5. Treasurer’s report  My apologies for not being at the meeting – unavoidable clash of dates.

Balance at the bank at the end of June was £9661.39

Deposits since 1st July £4601.32

Total expenses since 1st July £6023.30

Current balance on 20th July estimated to be £8239.41 which doesn’t include any Parish Fees paid by bank transfer for weddings.

There has been £1850 spent so far this year on running the parish for general admin, ministry (fuel and phone) and upkeep of church services. The stock of candles has been renewed so please let me know what you need. They’re still in my kitchen.

8. Source:  I discussed the financing of Nidd Plus compiling Source with Katy Penn; she had quoted £120 per edition as a starting figure and we agreed that she monitor the time it takes over the first three months and then we would discuss whether this was a reasonable figure. This will take in September, October and November but I would like to extend this to include the December/January double edition to ensure that we arrive at a fair settlement. The funds are there in the Source income generated by advertising and subscriptions to cover the Nidd Plus fee and the £204 per edition paid to the printer. In total we are looking at £324 per edition (10 per year: £3240). Last year’s income was £3750 before expenses so there isn’t much wriggle room for a drop on advertisers or sales.

5.3       Discussion about the report followed:

Margaret had also asked Rev Darryl to say that she will be organising a Pre-PCC meeting for the running of the St Nicholas Fair in September. We will need help for raffle and tickets, so volunteers welcome.

Point 10.3 – Genesis is thriving at St Cuthbert’s Church and Messy Church is also doing well at the Methodist Church. Discussions are being held to see if there is a way of resurrecting something similar to the Fun Club being run by both the Anglican and Methodist Church. Funds from the youth account may be called on for this future possibility.

5.4       Jane Spooner asked how much money was in the Youth Account -  Rev Darryl would check (since the meeting he has found out it is just over £900), some of which was from a grant to the PCC from Church in the Dale for Fun Club. Barry referred to item 10.1 and said it would be good to see the Church in the Dale accounts. Rev Darryl said the accounts can be seen on the Church in the Dale website.

Margaret Mitchell has purchased new candles for the parish, please let Rev Darryl know of any other items needed.

5.5       The Source Magazine is now being published by Nidderdale Plus. £120 with 3 months to discuss way forward.

5.6       John Hayton asked if all Churches were up to date with their quarterly accounts. Rev Darryl does not know at moment but will ask Margaret.

6.0       Deanery Synod No Deanery Synod since the last PCC.

7.0       Mission

7.1       Mission Action Plan. At the last meeting Rev Darryl distributed the Ripon Cathedral Mission booklet and suggested that our parish could adapt this document to align ourselves with the mission of our Area Cathedral. He had created a poster which was handed around, this showed the six churches of the parish and highlighted the four main headings. The poster would go into each church and the public should be able to see the poster and know the ethos of the parish.

Rev Phillip said that the Methodists have a succinct Mission Statement (Worshipping God. Proclaiming Christ. Serving the Community) and recommended that we adopt the same. Barry Nuttall noted that what Rev Philip was recalling was a Mission Statement rather than a Mission Action Plan. Rev Darryl felt that this was something that could be worked on.

7.2       Lay Worship Leaders - Jane Spooner and Gordon Murdoch
Commissioning Service will be at 10.30am on 31st July 2016 at St Chads, Middlesmoor. This will be a United Service. Gordon is moving to Spain but has kept his home in Nidderdale, he has already taken a service at Greenhow and will let us know when he is coming back. It is hoped he will be able to lead further services. Jane has led a service at Parceval Hall, and also the first half of the Communion service at St Michael and All Angels, Wilsill on 17th July. Jane was pleased the Commissioning Service is to be at Middlesmoor as this highlights that they are being commissioned to the whole parish rather than just St Cuthbert’s.

7.3       Discipleship
Confirmation Service has been booked for next year. It is hoped that children will also be confirmed. One parent seeking to be confirmed too. The Service will be on 28th May 2017.
We will run ‘Pilgrim’ again possibly in Advent or maybe sooner.

8.0       Source Magazine

8.1       Rev Philip distributed papers re proposals for Source and the group read through.

8.2       It was agreed that the PCC should give a summary from their meetings but not the whole minutes

8.3       Debbie Forsyth will have the final say about what goes in the magazine however, she will contact Rev Darryl if she is unsure about things. Rev Philip invited volunteers from the PCC to join the editorial team but there were no volunteers. Rev Darryl will manage any complaints.

8.4      Rev Darryl asked the group that we propose that this is how the magazine will be run until the review. Rev Philip gave proposal with Daphne seconding, no objections were raised.

9.0      Church reports

9.1       St Michael and All Angels, Wilsill. Daphne reported that the Cafe Church in June was slow to start with but picked up as the afternoon progressed.

Jane Spooner co-led the Communion service on Sunday 17th July.

The lightening conductor is now compliant with Ecclesiatical Insurance requirements.

The church bell rope had snapped off from the pulley but this has now been repaired.

9.2       Bewerley Grange Chapel. At the end of August there will be a flower festival. Doreen says this is going well.

The ‘Friends of Bewerley’ newsletter is coming out soon.

9.3       St Mary's, Greenhow.  Doreen said the coffee morning at Fir Grove raised £300. Car boot made £230.

The afternoon tea and scones was a success. This was followed by Celtic Evensong led by Gordon Murdoch and accompanied by the Summerbridge and Dacre Silver Prize Band.

There has been one funeral.

A painter has been organised to do the gate and railings, Pat testing has been organised, repair of gutters is underway and the church clock has had its annual service.

9.4       St Cuthberts, Pateley Bridge. In May there was an organ concert and two coffee mornings (for St Michael’s Hospice and Christian Aid).

There have been two weddings and one funeral.

The concert night (Theme - Night at the Movies) went well with proceeds split between church and Summerbridge and Dacre Silver Prize Band.

A stone fell out of west tower of church – an architect has visited.

‘Genesis’ children’s group is thriving.

9.5       St Mary's, Ramsgill.  Rev Darryl has ideas for the Church and is working through these with John Robson.  

9.6       St Chads, Middlesmoor.  The Bell Festival held in June was lovely.

The Upper Nidderdale Flower Club did flower festival in the church for the Queen’s birthday.

The Nidd Chorale concert was well attended.

The July pet service was wonderful with 28 people attending bringing guinea pigs, dogs even a millipede! It was a great service. It was felt that this service will grow.

There is a United Church service on 31st July.

Faculty for wrought iron railings being installed so that the sheep can be put in is being sought. The Ramsden family are paying for the railings.

Memorial tablets for First World War have been fixed and will be dedicated by Rev Darryl at the Remembrance Service in November.

The Highside Singers will be coming on 7th October. 

There is a wedding on 23rd July with a gamekeeper theme. 

9.7       Rev Darryl said that the Parish requires a health and safety officer. The role is about identifying risk around the Churches. No offers at the meeting.

10. Safeguarding.

10.1     Rev Darryl informed the group that someone in the Parish is currently in Court on allegations of historic sex offences. He advised that if people were approached by reporters they should refer them to the Diocesan Communications Officer, John Carter. Rev Darryl asked that everyone hold this situation in your prayers. 

Posters were supplied for all churches to display identifying Jane Spooner and Judy Buller as our safeguarding officers.  

John thought the Church in the Dale response to issues he had raised on safeguarding was not rigorous enough. Judy said there needs to be a check through the churches so no one falls through the net. Judy and Jane will get together with Rev Darryl to go through this.

Jane thought the 3 hour diocesan training was not enough and would welcome more training.

Jane said we also need to safeguard the person accused of these things so if any problems are heard of then the safeguarding officers and Rev Darryl need to know.

10.3     The Diocesan Safeguarding Policy needs to be adopted each year. Rev Darryl read the policy to the group and asked for it to be adopted. Proposed firstly by Jane and seconded by Judy, all in favour. The policy will be circulated to all PCC members.

11.0     Correspondence.  None received

12.0     Date of next meeting 14th September

13.0     AOB

13.1     Rev Darryl asked for someone who was at the Parish Retreat to comment on the experience. Jane said the food was magic. It was great to have time out and Wilf was a great leader. Jane thought it was good to be held locally and it encouraged those to attend for the day who could not attend the full event.

13.2     Rev Darryl said that a future retreat was booked for 2018 at Rydal Hall, Cumbria. This will be on 15th, 16th and17th June. Nothing has been arranged for next year at the moment. The group thought it would be good to return to Parceval Hall again.

13.3     No other items were raised.