March 2015

United Parish of Upper Nidderdale

PCC Meeting 7.30pm on 18th March 2015 at St Cuthbert’s Church



Revd Darryl Hall

John Hayton

Sharelle Henderson

Margaret Mitchell

Eileen Bain

Judy Buller

Daphne Clay

Kath Gill

Elaine Hodgson

Revd David Hutchin

Barry Nuttall

Doreen Prince

Jean Robinson

Julia Thompson

Helen Wright

Peter Wright





The meeting opened with prayer. Darryl welcomed Elaine to the meeting.


Apologies: Sue Beever, Paul Kirkbright, Gavin Lewis, Stephen Ramsden, John Robson and Audrey Walker  


Minutes of PCC Meeting 11th February 2015

The Minutes of the last meeting were accepted, proposed by Kath and seconded by Jean.


Matters Arising:

Deanery Synod - Darryl reported that the multi faith meeting to be held at St Cuthbert’s on 19th May is to be an open meeting, anyone can attend but if wishing to join the meal must let Darryl know for the caterers. He said it should be an interesting meeting.

Reports from Organisations – the £400 for the Fun Club had been received but it will not be available each year as it is a contribution to set up costs so can only be claimed once. It may fall upon the PCC to encourage the Fun Club with monetary gifts in future years. The Fun Club was very exciting and had people attending who would not experience the church.

Any Other Business – Pat testing mostly complete, it is recommended that this is done yearly but it is not the law. Most of the quinqennials had been done in 2012 but Wilsill was due in 2015.


Any Other Business

  1. Gift Aid
  2. Charity Festival
  3. Pat and fire extinguishers


Treasurer and Finance Report

Margaret reported that the balance in the bank was £7,604.64; with payments and income the balance is £6,144.00. She confirmed receipt of the £400 for the Fun Club. She said that the cost of Source had risen to £202 per issue; income from adverts and subscriptions were already more than this amount with more to come in. CCLI licences have been reviewed due to an increase of congregation numbers. New licences to be issued as follows:

Category B – St Cuthbert’s and Ramsgill                  £189

Category A – St Chad’s and Greenhow                     £108

Category A – Bewerley Grange and Wilsill                 £108

In addition each church needs licences for performances of live and recorded music (£16.90 for Category A) and in the case of St Cuthbert’s video clips or full length films as well £26.20). This has been applied for to run alongside the existing licences. Margaret thanked Kath for doing an audit of candles and communion wafers; an order has been placed that should cover requirements until the end of the year.

Margaret proposed that individual churches increase their contribution to the Parish Share by 2% on last year’s figures – John Hone seconded and this was carried unanimously.

Peter asked each church to let him have details of charity donations during the year.

Julia announced that Paul had retired as treasurer and having asked at the AGM for a volunteer Bewerley were at present without a treasurer and she asked for help. Darryl said that financial arrangements were the responsibility of church wardens if there was not a treasurer.


Deanery Synod

The meeting had taken place on 2nd March at St John’s, Sharow when The Reverend Andrew Tawn was welcomed and to give his talk on nurture and discipleship courses posing the question, why are discipleship groups important? This was answered by statistics which showed that 66% of parishes that had run discipleship / nurture and other small groups had experienced growth. Only 40% of the churches that were asked actually ran any form of course. There are four courses Pilgrim, Alpha, Emmaus and Start.

Darryl announced that the Parish Pilgrim Course had been very successful and the next one will start on 21st April.


Reports from Organisations

  1. The Fun Club had been very good with approximately 40 present. Sue Beever had put out a questionnaire which had been very interesting. The Fun Club will be held on the second Saturday every third month – 13th June, 12th September and 12th December
  2. Walking in Faith – 28th March, starting at Grimwith at 10.30am. Future walks will be second Saturday the month following Fun Club.
  3. Fresh Expressions – this had brought so many different ways to express faith, reaching out and connecting with people who did not attend church. Darryl wished to minute his thanks to everyone involved.
  4. Safeguarding Course – 11th April, all concerned will be notified. The Diocese is so large that the clergy safeguarding courses are all full but it was hoped to hold one at St Cuthbert’s, details to be confirmed.


Annual Parochial Church Meeting

The APCM will be held on 29th April at St Cuthbert’s starting at 7pm. It was suggested that a change of timing for future APCMs be looked at in the hope that more parishioners would attend.


Any Other Business

  1. Gift Aid – St Cuthbert’s and Wilsill used software for claiming gift aid payments from HMRC which was paid for by the Diocese. This is being upgraded and at present the Diocese is considering whether to underwrite. Daphne had been in touch with HMRC and was waiting to hear. Barry suggested this be discussed at next treasurers meeting.
  2. Charity Festival – looking for charities to be at the Festival, contact Constance with any ideas. Lots of help will be needed, particularly as the Methodists will not be available as Nigel’s farewell has been arranged on that date. As the cost of an ambulance and first aiders is expensive it was suggested that enquiries be made locally. It is hoped to offer tea and cake so help with baking and running the tent will be needed.
  3. Pat and Fire Extinguishers – it was suggested that one person be found to be responsible for carrying out the pat and fire extinguisher testing but following discussion it was agreed that each church be responsible for own testing.
  4. David suggested that each church have a large note of their post code displayed in a prominent position.
  5. Health and Safety documentation and safeguarding policies are in the process of preparation. It would be very useful to have a Health & Safety Coordinator.
  6. Darryl wished to minute thanks to Peter for all work carried out
  7. Eileen commented on the fact that the Bell Festival is on 13th June, clashing with the Fun Club
  8. Darryl said there was a busy Holy Week including the Taize Service at Wilsill, Maundy Thursday there will be the Service at Ramsgill at 7.30pm and Fresh Expressions event at Glasshouses Primary School with videos, music, modern hymns and food at 7pm. There is also the Good Friday Procession at 11am, Easter Eve Vigil at Bewerley Grange Chapel at 7pm and varying services during Easter Sunday.


Dates for Diary – APCM 29th April 2015


Meeting closed at 9.10pm with prayer