March 2016










Rev Darryl Hall, Margaret Mitchell, John Hayton, Barry Nuttall, Kath Gill, Doreen Prince, Eileen Bain, Rod Goodall, Jean Robinson, Daphne Clay, Stephen Ramsden, John Hone, Julia Thompson




Audrey Walker, John Robson



1.0       Minutes of PCC held 13 January 2016 and Matters Arising


  1. Two items for amendment.  Item 3b) Parish Share increase 1.75%, not 1.5% as minuted, and item 5a) Blind Auction raised £230, not £250 as minuted.


  1. Minutes were proposed by Stephen Ramsden and seconded by John Hone.


1.3       No Matters Arising.


2.0       Treasurer’s Report


2.1       Margaret reported balance stands at £7,379.36.  Margaret thanked Jean Ogden and Source distributors for their hard work and income received.


2.2       Parish Share now £41,346, increase of 1.75%.


2.3       Share for 2016 per Church agreed as follows:


            £22,792 St Cuthbert’s

            £3,113.50 St Chad’s

            £2,289.38 St Mary’s, Ramsgill

            £7,478.63 St Michael’s

            £1,424.50 St Mary’s, Greenhow

£4,273.50 Bewerley Grange Chapel


Additional £1,200 to be paid by Churches for candles, etc, split £600 St Cuthbert’s, £120 each for remaining five Churches.  Agreed this figure will be paid at the end of the year providing sufficient funds are available from the Church.


2.4       Daphne Clay expressed some concern over increased share as income at St Michael’s had dropped during 2015.


2.5       Margaret to email headings to all Treasurers for return to Diocese for preparation of accounts sheets for each Church.



3.0       Reports from Churches


3.1       St Cuthbert’s:

  • Church in the Dale Palm Sunday concert with Nidd Chorale will take place 7.00pm, 20 March 2016.
  • Thursday, 24 March 2016 Seder Meal 7.00pm followed by Maundy Thursday Service.  Anyone wishing to attend meal is to let Darryl know.
  • Saturday, 23 April 2016 Treble Clef Concert.  Best of British to celebrate St George’s Day.  Tickets £8 each from Darryl.  Take own food for ‘Bring and Share’ supper.
  • Water damage to organ now repaired via insurance.
  • Disabled access ramp still awaiting Faculty.


3.2       Bewerley Grange Chapel:

  • Julia reported she is stepping down as Church Warden after four years.
  • The Chapel will be run on a Steward System
  • Sue Lyon is the new Treasurer.
  • Nicky Sands will attend PCC on behalf of Bewerley Grange Chapel.
  • Flower Festival will be held again this year.


3.3       St Chad’s:

  • Repairs to slates and ridge on-going.  Hatch is re-fixed in tower roof.
  • Railing will be taken forward in due course once Faculty for ramp at St Cuthbert’s has been dealt with.
  • Memorial Plaques will be fixed shortly and dedicated at Remembrance Service, 10.30am.  Darryl will preside.


3.4       St Mary’s, Greenhow

  • Quiz to take place on 18 March 2016 at 7.30pm.  Supper of soup, pâté and cheese.  ‘Bring and Share’ sweets and own wine, etc.
  • Car Boot Sale to take place Easter Monday on Showground.
  • Church ledger now re-bound.  Lovely job at a good price.
  • ‘Hymns on the Hill’ with Dacre and Summerbridge Band on 27 March 2016 at 6.30pm.


3.5       St Michael’s

  • Christening on 19 March 2016.
  • Valentine’s Café Church was a success.
  • Taize Service to be held on 22 March 2016 at 7.30pm.
  • Ecclesiastical Insurance have visited and asked for asbestos survey to be carried out.  Quotes between £500 and £750 have been received.  Safe Environment from Keighley is due to undertake the survey.
  • Lightning conductor has failed its test.  £150 to spend to upgrade it with extra earthing points.
  • One new fire extinguisher needed.


4.0       General


            Discussion took place on asbestos reports.  All Churches will need one and lightning conductors should also be checked in line with insurance requirements.  Portable Appliance Testing (PAT) will need to be done every second year.  All to consider and report action back to next PCC meeting.


5.0       Deanery Synod


5.1       Meeting took place at Masham.  John Carter, communications officer, gave a talk on communication with parishoners/public via newsletters, web-sites, magazines, noticeboards, social media etc..


5.2       Andy Ryland talked about ‘Warm and Well’ initiative.  Is this something we should look at in this Parish?


5.3       Next meeting will take place at Sharrow 17th May.


6.0       Church in the Dale


6.1       Easter Story Trail in Pateley Bridge Methodist Church operating this week.


6.2       Food Bank is open every Thursday 10.30-12.30


6.3       CAP operating well.  Darryl has become a befriender.  Anyone interested in getting involved should contact Darryl.


6.4       1940’s Weekend to be held again this year. Pateley Bridge Methodist Church to hold a Flower Festival and display of wedding dresses. One couple will renew their vows.


6.5       John Hayton raised concern which he had previously raised at Methodist Leader Meeting regarding transparency of CITD and its governance.  Minutes are taken but not generally available to others.  Accounts are not published and no AGM is held.  Not clear how anyone gets involved.  The CITD operates in our names and expects churches to support it.  John Hayton felt we should therefore be informed fully of its operation and understand its governance process.


7.0       APCM Meeting 17 April 2016


7.1       The meeting is to take place following United Service at St Cuthbert’s on 17 April 2016.  All should be encouraged to attend and vote and stand for election if so desired.  Meeting will be followed by a ‘Bring and Share’ meal.


8.0       Correspondence


8.1       Darryl read out a letter from Celia Morris. 

8.2       Letter received by Margaret from Bishop thanking PCC for payment of its full Share in 2015.


9.0       AOB


9.1       Portable Appliance Testing to be taken forward as necessary.

9.2       Lay Worship Leaders commence training 10 April 2016.  Gordon Murdoch and Jane Spooner.

9.3       Pastoral Team is now fully operational.  Anyone wishing to get involved is to contact Darryl.

9.4       Lindisfarne visit to take place 27 August 2016.  Crossing will take place at 1.45pm.  Stopping place on the way is being considered.

9.5       Agreed that St Nicholas Fair will be held on Saturday, 10 December 2016 as performance of Bethlehem will take place on 3 December 2016.  Margaret to book the Memorial Hall.

9.6       Agreed to change the date of the Lambing Service at St Chad’s to 21 May instead of 24 April 2016.  Darryl will attend on 24 April 2016 as some publicity has already taken place and some may attend.  Details to be put on Flock Sheet.


10.0     Next Meeting


            Next meeting is Annual Parochial Church Meeting on 17 April 2016, following morning service at St Cuthbert’s.  All to attend.