May 2015

United Parish of Upper Nidderdale.

PCC Meeting13th.May 2015 7.30pm at St. Cuthbert’s Church.


Rev Darryl Hall, John Hayton, Margaret Mitchell, Audrey Walker, Eileen Bain, Philip Clarke, John Hone, Daphne Clay, Jean Robinson, Celia Morris, Rod Goodall, Linsay Pooley, Stephen Ramsden, Barry Nuttall, Kath Gill.


Doreen Prince, John Robson, Julia Thompson.

The meeting opened with prayers by Rev. Darryl Hall.

Health and Safety, and Safeguarding Documentation.

Linsay Pooley presented the safeguarding policy and checklist for the PCC to look at (sent out by separate email). This was a well researched document with some aspects which could easily be changed for each church and different events held at each one. The church wardens would need to check if different organisations using the premises had their own policies.

As Peter Wright was not present Linsay Pooley also presented the Health and Safety Policy.She went through all policies in much detail.

The health and safety policy was ratified by Rev. Darryl Hall who praised both Linsay and Peter for researching  both policies and said they were very good and informative documents. There was some confusion whether the members of the PCC had received the Safeguarding policy so it was agreed that this will be ratified at the next PCC meeting once the PCC has had a better chance to read through it.

Darryl then gave thanks to both Linsay and Peter for all the hard work and time they had given to produce the policies.


Rod Goodall was co-opted to join PCC this was proposed by Barry and seconded by Audrey.


Elaine Hodgson. Proposed Kath. Seconded Daphne

Lay Chairperson

John Hayton. Proposed Eileen. Seconded Stephen


Margaret Mitchell. Proposed Audrey. Seconded John

Electoral Roll Officer.

Brian Hicks. Proposed Celia. Seconded Barrie

Safeguarding Officers.

Judy. Proposed Kath. Seconded  John

Linsay. Proposed Daphne. Seconded John

Jane Spooner. Proposed Audrey. Seconded Celia.

Health and Safety Officer

Peter Wright. Proposed John. Seconded Kath.

Parish Giving Officer.

Barry. Proposed Daphne. Seconded Stephen.

Minutes of meeting held on 18/3/2015

Agreed. Proposed by John. Seconded Kath.

Any Other Business.

Fresh Expressions worship. Mission Statement.

Treasurer and Finance Report.

Margaret reported that the balance in the bank was £7,190.56. Source magazine was exceeding budget. Shares were in for all parishes except Ramsgill. Need to raise £2500. Might need to consider updating St. Nicholas’ Fair. If cannot raise this money may need to ask more from parishes. Rev. Darryl said VE day celebration went down well with £800 raised, this was shared with Dacre Summerbridge Silver Prize Band

Deanery Synod.

There was nothing to report. Next meeting will take place 19/5/2015 at 7pm. At St. Cuthbert’s starting with supper and then a multi faith talk.

Charity Festival.

Work is going well for this event on 5th July 2015. 42 charities have already signed up. All paper work is being done by The Church in the Dale. Will need help in the tent serving teas etc. Dacre Summerbridge Silver Prize Band have been booked and three schools will be involved. PCC members were asked to volunteer as representatives in Church in Dale tent. Help on day would be appreciated. Notices to be put in each church.

Matters Arising.

There were no matters arising



Thank you card received from Sharelle Henderson for her leaving gifts.

Future Meetings.

Dates for further meetings are as follows 15th July, 9th Sept, 18th November 2015, 13thJan 2016, 16th March, 17thApril.

APCM 18th May 2016.

Any Other Business.

Celia expressed a concern about the two pop up events led by the Fresh Expressions Team at Glasshouses Primary School. The Fresh Expression Team had asked Rev. Darryl to conduct a one-off event on Maundy Thursday event which was well presented and well attended. Rev. Darryl also gave his approval for a second event on the theme of Pentecost on the understanding that these were just one off events and further acts of worship would need the team to undergo some theological training as lay worship leaders, if the PCC thought this appropriate. A suggestion was proposed that a letter was written on behalf of the PCC expressing their concerns, however, Rev. Darryl did not feel this was necessary as the Fresh Expressions Team had assured him that these were one-off events and he had made it clear that this was not an ongoing part of the Fresh Expressions Team ministry.

Mission Statement read out by Rev. Darryl, this was written by Celia prior to his arrival. To discuss this again at later date.

Charities Pot.

Rev. Darryl suggested he have a pot of money he could use at his discretion when an emergency occurred, without having to wait for approval by the PCC. Margaret agreed that he could do so without first checking with PCC. The amount agreed was £100 but he could always ask for more. Much discussion was then had whether this should be for local or international needs. After much discussion and with Barry advocating local needs a vote was taken. The unanimous vote was for local needs.


The meeting closed with prayers by Rev. Philip Clarke.