November 2014

United Parish of Upper Nidderdale

PCC Meeting 7.30pm on 12th November 2014 at St Cuthbert’s Church



John Hayton                Sharelle Henderson                Margaret Mitchell         Eileen Bain

Daphne Clay               Revd Philip Clarke                  Kath Gill                       Barry Nuttall

Doreen Prince             Jean Robinson                        Jenny Spruce             Julia Thompson         

Audrey Walker            Helen Wright


The Lay Chair took the meeting and asked Philip to lead the prayers.                                 


Apologies: Sue Beever, Revd Darryl Hall, Revd David Hutchin, John Robson, Stephen Ramsden and Peter Wright


Minutes of PCC Meeting 9th September 2014

The Minutes of the last meeting were unanimously accepted with the amendment that the extra amount coming from Jack Haines’ funeral should have read £204 and not £400, proposed by Jenny and seconded by Kath.


Matters Arising – Darryl had asked that the Pilgrim Course be mentioned as there was going to be a Christmas Social on 2nd December at 7pm and everyone was welcome. The next course will start on 13th January 2015 and will be on The Lord’s Prayer.

The Christmas cards were selling well and money banked. Any unsold cards will be taken to St Nicholas Fair.

Raffle Tickets – it is hoped these are selling well. As Margaret is unable to attend St Nicholas Fair she asked that all stubs and money be given to Kath. Eileen said she had only just received the raffle tickets which will make it difficult to sell and asked that next year she gets them earlier.

Doreen wondered if the agricultural service could be held at Toft Gate Barn Café which received unanimous support – she will make enquiries.


Any Other Business

  1. Welcome Pack
  2. Charity Co-ordinator
  3. Secretary
  4. Charity Festival
  5. Fees, Weddings and Funerals


Treasurer and Finance Report

Margaret reported that the balance is £7,373.77, with £214.19 to come in and £922.75 cheques outstanding. The Parish Share is up to date. She had been notified that the Share will rise 1.75%, which means an extra £699. Margaret asked to meet the treasurers of each church. The January meeting is mainly financial when Margaret will give a more detailed account.


Deanery Synod

Helen reported on the meeting held on 10th September when Mark Clayton, chaplain to Martin House gave a talk. Mark was accompanied by Andy who is in training for the ministry at the Community of the Resurrection at Mirfield and was on a placement gaining experience of ministry in various contexts. Helen said it had been an inspiring talk.


2015 United Services

There will be joint services at St Cuthbert’s Church on 30th November and 28th December 2014. Wilsill were offered the one on 30th November but felt that as this clashed with their Christingle Service it would be best elsewhere.

As well as the united services with the Methodist the joint services for 2015 will fall on the fifth Sunday and details are as follows:

            29th March                   St Cuthbert’s with Methodists

            24th May                      Pateley Bridge Methodist Church

            31st May                       Ramsgill

            30th August                  Middlesmoor

            29th November                        Bewerley

It was suggested that a parish lunch could be organised at Ramsgill on 31st May, this will be looked into and discussed at next meeting.


Old St Mary’s Church

Following the breaking of the lock on the tower Barry had made enquiries regarding the responsibility for insurance and has received clarification that St Cuthbert’s insurance covers Old St Mary’s. He will make enquiries regarding repairing the lock.


St Nicholas Fair

The fundraising committee had met with Joyce joining them and arrangements are going well. There will be free children’s activities as well Santa’s Grotto. As there is a dance on the Friday evening the set up will be early Saturday morning but Doreen said she would make sure after the dance that the tables and chairs were left. There will have to be a quick turnaround as the Fun Club is following the Fair. Joyce had kindly done posters and flyers which were distributed to each church. The main fundraiser is the raffle so again it was emphasised how important it is to get the tickets sold and stubs back to Kath.


Reports from Organisations

  1. Youth and Schools – Audrey had asked for this to be included and reported that the youth team had not met and that assemblies were taking place in two schools. She has become Foundation Governor at St Cuthbert’s. Enquiries are to be made from Church in the Dale about the money left from Connections as this could perhaps be used for the Fun Club.


Fresh Expressions Team, Commissioning Service

Peter, Sue and Linsey had finished the course and a commissioning service will take place at Gracious Street Methodist Church Knaresborough on 15th November with supporters from the parish joining them.


Any Other Business

  1. Welcome Pack – there were copies for each church distributed. It was agreed that no further copies should be ordered as 200 seemed adequate and information may change.
  2. Charity Co-ordinator - it was felt that it would be useful to have someone on the PCC who could act as coordinator and liaise between groups outside and the churches. John asked that everyone think about this and it should be placed on the next Agenda.
  3. Secretary – there was no one from the PCC who came forward to take on the role and it was agreed to advertise in Source as had been done for the Treasurer. Sharelle suggested doing an article about the PCC as many people do not understand what it is and does. It was agreed that this should be done in the February edition.
  4. Charity Festival – John said that at the Ministers Together it had been agreed to have a Church in the Dale tent with information and people willing to talk. This will be as well as the refreshment tent. Kath said St Michael’s Hospice had made enquiries – if anyone is interested John suggested contacting Constance.
  5. Fees, Weddings and Funerals – Barry reported that a new list of statutory fees had been received which apply to all churches, the other fees are set by PCC and asked that this be put on the Agenda for discussion at next meeting. He said that at the AGM of the Bell Ringers it was raised that they no longer receive the £35 fee and as they meet a lot of expenses it was felt this should be reinstated. It was noted that it had not been minuted that there would a change in fees. It was agreed that this should be discussed at the next meeting.


Dates for Diary – PCC Meetings Wednesday, 14th January and 18th March 2015


Meeting closed at 8.35pm