September 2015


United Parish of Upper Nidderdale

PCC Meeting 9th.September 2015 at St. Cuthbert’s Church.



Rev. Darryl Hall, Margaret Mitchell, John Hayton, Elaine Hodgson, Doreen Prince, Jean Robinson, Rod Goodall, Stuart Hatton, Kath Gill, Paul Skirrow, Stephen Ramsden, David Hutchin. Judy Buller.


Daphne Clay, Barry Nuttall, Eileen Bain, John Robson, Philip Clarke, Julia Thompson, Audrey Walker.

The meeting was opened with prayers by Rev. Darryl.

Matters Arising.

Working Teams-Rev. Darryl said this was slow to take off the ground but still wants to go forward needs in respect of

Fund Raising


If you can think of anyone suitable in pastoral care and/or fundraising to let Rev. Darryl know.

Minutes of Meeting 15/7/2015.

Proposed Kath

Seconded Stuart

Any Other Business.

St. Mary’s Kissing Gates

Barnabas Fund.

Treasurer’s Report.

Current balance of 28/8/15 £4700 of which £1100 grants for youth projects. Therefore £3600 for parish to spend –only enough to cover cost to Dioscese –this will keep going down monthly. Rev. Darryl only spent £800 of his £2100 budget. Margaret asked if all the church treasurer’s could pull together to raise funds. Rod suggested any fund raising teams should include the separate church treasurers.

Parish Trip/Retreat.

Rev. Darryl suggested that next year we have either a retreat and/or day trip. Suggestions for a retreat included Scargill, Parceval House, Lindisfarne. Margaret suggested Lindisfarne for retreat and then maybe joined by rest of parish for day trip. Rod suggested retreat in spring and day trip in summer. Rev. Darryl suggested 15th/16th April for retreat and he will sort destination. A provisional date of 27th Aug. For day trip –Margaret will check tide times for that date.

Bewerley Grange Chapel 50 Year Celebration.

It is 50 years since the Chapel was rededicated and there will be a serivce 11th.October at 6.30pm to celebrate the golden anniversary. Rev. Ronnie McFadden and Rev. Caroline Falkingham will be some of the speakers. Margaret suggested Teacups to provide refreshments.

 Deanery Synod.

A day trip set out from Ripon to the Community of Resurrection at Mirfield on 8th August. This is an Anglican Monastery that wanted to be involved with working people. It runs courses and retreats and is also a training college. A good day was had by all who attended.

Pilgrim Course.

Anyone who wants to attend please let Rev. Darryl know.

Christmas Services.

St.Cuthbert’s           20th December   10.30am  Carol Service

                                   24th December         Christingle Service

                                  24th December   11.30pm    Midnight Mass

                                 25th December   10.30am   Christmas Day Service

                                 31st December     11.30pm   Watchnight Service

St.Michael’s           29th November    4pm             Christingle Service

                                  20th December   9am          Carol Service

                                  25th December    9am           Christmas Day Service

Bewerley           19th December       6.30pm     Carols by Candlelight

                             25th December      9am           Christmas Day Service

Ramsgill             25th December        9am            Christmas Day Service

Greenhow          24th December       7.30pm       Carol/Crib Service

Middlesmoor     29th November       4pm            Christingle Service

                              21st December        6.30pm Carol/Nativity Service

St.Nicholas Fair.

A pre-meeting discussion was held prior to PCC meeting to cut down on discussion time at PCC meeting –these are some of the ideas suggested. Vary opening times. Celebrity to open fair. Santa to arrive through town from Auction Mart in a parade. Prize for best dressed stall. More publicity needed. Kath to ask Sharelle to put notice in Source magazine. Doreen suggested one person from each church to join fundraising group-Doreen, Daphne, Eileen, Stuart and Elaine agreed.


Any Other Business.

The Kissing Gates at old St. Mary’s church have been lifted off hinges by walkers, one in particular is difficult for people to pass through and the other is beginning to go rotten in places. Harrogate Council or a generous donor will replace them but need the PCC approval. The PCC approved replacing with the same type of Kissing Gates unanimously.

Barnabas Foundation. John Hayton explained the work of the Barnabas Foundation in that it was founded in the 50s/60s and helped Christians throughout the world but in particular helping Middle Eastern Christians, funding families to live in Poland with support for 1 year. Steven Ramsden wondered if it was something our community could become involved in by funding a family.

Dates for Diaries.

Next meeting Wed.18/11/2015 7.30pm.

Closing Prayers were said by Rev.Darryl