September 2014

United Parish of Upper Nidderdale

PCC Meeting 7.30pm on 9th September 2014 at St Cuthbert’s Church



Revd Darryl Hall         John Hayton               Margaret Mitchell        Eileen Bain                

Revd Philip Clarke      Kath Gill                      John Hone                  Revd David Hutchin  

Barry Nuttall                Jean Robinson            Jenny Spruce             Julia Thompson         

Helen Wright               Peter Wright               


Apologies: Sue Beever, Daphne Clay Sharelle Henderson, Paul Kirkbright, Doreen Prince, John Robson, Stephen Ramsden and Audrey Walker


Minutes of PCC Meeting 9th July 2014

The Minutes of the last meeting were unanimously accepted with the amendment that Jenny Spruce was not present.


Matters Arising – No matters that were not on the Agenda


Any Other Business

Old St Mary’s Church

Performing Rights Licences

Welcome Pack

Bargain Christmas Cards

Hand Held Crosses

Report on Charity Festival



Treasurer and Finance Report

Margaret reported that she had spoken with Barclays Bank and money repaid (£35). She said that with a balance of £6,200 and £750 to pay in accounts were in a reasonable position. She said with four months to the end of year on course and all church contributions were being paid on time. Fundraising account of £800 budget and it was hoped that St Nicholas Fair would raise in excess of £1,000. The outgoings were expenses of ministry, upkeep of churches and half the education budget had been spent so budget was being met. Barry said that there would be an extra £204 coming in from Jack Haines’ funeral service and it was agreed to put this in general funds.


Trip to Lindisfarne

It had been a superb day and thanks were extended to Margaret for the organising and she was presented with a token of appreciation. Thanks also to Peter for organising walks. Following the success of the trip suggestions for parish trip next year would be welcome and perhaps in future a parish weekend. David looking into possibilities for the future and offers to organise next year’s trip would be appreciated.


Live Video Streaming

Darryl reported that John Carter was getting back to him. It was felt that there could be many pitfalls in going ahead, mainly videoing of children. Peter said editing could be used to take out bits but Darryl said he was inclined to leave it at present.


Pilgrim Course

This course was being run primarily for confirmation candidates for next year, 19th April which will be a joint confirmation service with Matthew’s parish. There was much discussion on how the course would be run with details to follow and it was agreed that the PCC should purchase Pilgrim Books. The course will take place at St Cuthbert’s starting on Tuesday, 14th October at 7pm.


Clergy Cover/9am Service Times

Covering the 9am services was becoming more difficult with Eileen leaving and Celia still not well, it was appreciated that Philip and David were willing to cover but Darryl did not want to put on them too much. There was much discussion on best way forward with suggestions such as:

  • carry on as normal (but there would not be a guarantee that all services would be covered),
  • changing one or two churches from a 9am Service to afternoon or evening services
  •  identifying a candidate in the parish to train as a Lay Reader.
  • Julia suggested that Wilsill and Bewerley could occasionally join together, this to be discussed at Wilsill’s next committee meeting and Bewerley Council meeting.


All harvest services were covered. David suggested as an agricultural area that a service on a farm could be organised but this could be difficult with no seating and no organ.


Christmas Services

Christmas services all noted and cover to be checked.


St Nicholas Fair

Unfortunately no one from the fundraising committee was available to attend meeting but they (Doreen, Daphne, Paul and Sharelle) had offered to carry on for one more year. New ideas are needed but at present will go with usual and raffle tickets to be ordered immediately for distribution to each church. Importance of selling tickets prior to the Fair was stressed and Margaret to order tickets immediately. It was felt that St Nicholas Fair should be same weekend as Festival weekend.


Any Other Business

Old St Mary’s Church – the lock on the tower had been broken and not sure who should pay for repairs. Darryl to make enquiries regarding responsibility and wait for reply from Archdeacon.


Charity Festival – John Hayton reported that this would take place on 5th July 2015. Dacre & Summerbridge Silver Band, the school band and Richard & Linsay Pooley will supply music. Constance is sending out letters. There will be Church in the Dale tent, PCC stand possibly giving bottled water. Compassion UK also attending. The Charity Festival to be put on next Agenda to discuss how best PCC can assist with rotas/helpers, literature to be handed out.


John Hone mentioned that last year the Church in the Dale at the Show had no sign, he was assured this had been sorted.


Peggy Myers sends her love to all, she had been visited by Celia and Philip.


Christmas cards to be sold as fundraiser in churches and then any remaining at St Nicholas Fair, proposed to go ahead by Julia, seconded by Jenny.


Holding Crosses – these had been made by John Hayton and it was suggested could be given away to people at a time of need. It was agreed to purchase 30 for Darryl to distribute. This was proposed by Peter, seconded by Barry and carried unanimously.


CCLI Licences for all churches. At present covered for copyright and reproducing music but not performing rights and it was agreed that it was necessary to be covered. John Hayton proposed, Julia seconded and it was carried unanimously.


Welcome Pack – these were almost ready to be printed, knowing of the possibility of worship times changing it was felt that the times of services should be removed from the pack, we could add our own list of service times as needed.


Dates for Diary

PCC Meetings            Wednesday, 12th November

St Nicholas Fair          Saturday, 6th December

Fun Club                     Saturday, 6th December


Meeting closed at 9.15pm