September 2016

United Parish of Upper Nidderdale PCC meeting 14th September 2016

1.0 Rev Darryl welcomed everyone and opened the meeting with a prayer.

2.0 Apologies for absence received from Eileen Bain, Daphne Clay and Doreen Prince

2.1  Present: Rev Darryl Hall (Chair), John Hayton (Lay Chair), Kathy Newbould (Secretary), Jean Robinson, Margaret Mitchell,   John Hone, Rod Goodall, Stuart Hattan, Rev Philip Clarke, John Robson, Nicola Sands, Kath Gill, Jane Spooner, Judy Buller, Barry Nuttall, Stephen Ramsden.

3.0 Matters arising - Quarterly Church Accounts: Margaret Mitchell said all Churches have paid so far and the accounts are in order.

4.0 Minutes of PCC 20th July -  The minutes of this meeting were agreed as true and accurate with first proposal from Kath Gill and seconded by John Hone.

5.0 AOB John Hayton raised the point that the record of events in the diary sometimes clash with Memorial Hall events which affect the profits. Rev Darryl said that at a recent St Cuthbert’s meeting he handed over the responsibility for organising events to people who are on Memorial Hall committee as well as St Cuthbert’s. This should avoid potential clashes. The people on the committee are Susan South, Sharelle Henderson and Joan Blakey.

 6.0 Treasurer and Finance report Margaret Mitchell talked through the finance report giving the balance of account as £6,780.83.

6.1 Administration costs are £2,300; fundraising £2,220 so far this year; £2,000 spent on events with £1,800 collected. Note that deposit has been paid out for Parceval Hall retreat for next year and also for Rydal Hall in 2018. Income from services is £1600 with £2000 subscriptions totalling £3600. £1488 paid out in printing costs. It was noted that around £9000 is paid in and out of the PCC account with regard to funerals, weddings, interment of ashes etc. A ‘cushion’ figure of £5,000 is held. Margaret gave figures of £41,600 taken into the account and £40,000 out – a lot of money to handle. It is hoped that the St Nicholas Fair will add monies to raise income at the end of this financial year.

7.0  Our Mission

7.1  Mission Action Plan Rev Darryl informed the group that a laminated parish statement is now within each church and contains an easy memorable statement. ‘Loving God, Loving People, Partners in Mission’. We follow what the ‘Church in the Dale’ are discussing and also the Bishop of Leeds. It was agreed that it would be good to put the statement in Source in some way. Rev Darryl said that the PCC is an open meeting and all are welcome to come and listen. Discussion followed and all agreed the statement ‘Six buildings, one Church’ gave a positive message.

7.2 Lay Worship Leaders
It was suggested that the PCC allow Jane Spooner to purchase some books and pay for courses to help build resources for her ministry. The amount will be left up to the Treasurer. The books will be available for use by the Church. Rev Philip noted that we have two good libraries to use. (It was also noted for the record that the service held on Aug 21st at Saint Michael and all Angels, which Jane Spooner co led with Rev Philip was very good).

Rev Darryl said that there is  funding for youth work and would love to see library contents for young people renewed. The group were asked to keep Jane and Gordon in their prayers

8.0  Discipleship (Pilgrim Course) The course starts again on Mondays from 26th September starting at 7.30pm ( as Brownies here beforehand). Four people are attending so the meeting may be held in the Vicarage.

9.0 Architect/chartered surveyor report
Richard Hutchings has semi retired and would like to retire from Church work so Rev Darryl has contacted  Stuart Holland who is a chartered surveyor in Harrogate. Stuart is willing to take on the level access ramp work. The PCC need to formally appoint a chartered surveyor. Rev Darryl read the letter from Stuart which needs to be signed in agreement of his appointment. An invoice was also enclosed re repair of St Cuthberts tower. Hourly rate is £65 p hr plus other monies. Quote will follow of fixed fee.
It was agreed it is a reasonable charge. Stuart will take up the faculty work and this will free up others. Stuarts work comes with recommendation. It was noted that Stuart is a man of Faith. Discussion followed and agreement to appoint Stuart was proposed by Barry Nuttall and seconded by Margaret Mitchell.

10.0  Source
Rev Philip said that Nidderdale Plus are asking Pateley Bridge Art Club to produce drawings for the front cover. The new edition went well. Comments are welcome. It would be good to have more contributors.

10.1  It was asked who has final say on inclusions from the different churches as items need to be timely? It was agreed that it is important to allow lead up time for events, perhaps one way would be to add into Nidderdale Plus emails to flag up timings. There is need to keep Source as a parish magazine as well as community contributions. Some discussion followed about adding pages and costs incurred, also around the addition of hosting list for St Cuthbert’s and if the space was used well. Some discussion also followed about the length of articles although lengthy articles are usually infrequent.

11.0  Church Reports
11.1 St Michael and all Angels, Wilsill – Jean said there had been a wedding in August and a barn owl flew down with the wedding rings. It was also the christening of the couple’s little boy. Harvest festival service on the 25th, but the Harvest lunch will be at the next Cafe Church on Oct 15th, 1-3pm. All welcome.
11.2 Bewerley Grange Chapel – Nicky said the Flower Festival went really well. Thanks to those who attended. £815 made. Wedding also took place and the flowers were left for others to enjoy.
11.3 St Mary's, Greenhow – John reported that many housekeeping things are being done. An insurance visit raised risk of theft of brass work particularly, thus items will be locked away. Doreen asked if anyone has spare wooden cross so this can be used instead. Rev Darryl offered one. A  Faith Supper will take place following the Harvest Festival. A further £100 was received from a funeral conducted in April.
11.4 St Cuthberts, Pateley Bridge -  There have been three baptisms, a golden wedding celebration and the school ‘Leavers Service’.  Jane and Gordon were commissioned as Lay Worship Leaders at a combined service at Middlesmoor. Also a wedding took place in August.  Had a meeting with Stuart Holland re the Tower repairs. Parish outing on the 27th was very good. Summer party went well and raised £258. Ceilidh took place on the 10th Sept. David Hope preached last Sunday and was very good. The disabled access is reaching target of £30,000.
11.5 St Mary's, Ramsgill John said the service from Bishop David Hope was enjoyed by all. Paintwork is starting outside the building. Two weddings have taken place and all went well. Quinquennial survey  is due.
11.6 St Chads, Middlesmoor – Stephen reported that a grant application has been made for installing a toilet. The Highside Singers evening is booked for 7th October. Tickets £7 from PB pharmacy and cheese and wine supper is included. Diocesan promotion film making makes us feel connected and with Leeds diocese. Go onto Middlesmoor website to look for various video clips. Oct 1st 10 o'clock for the C5 celebration Ripon cathedral and film is already made for this. Let Rev Darryl know if you want to go.

12.0  Safeguarding
The safeguarding officers are working well together and will meet with Rev Darryl soon.
There is one live case in the parish and we are working closely with the Diocesan Safeguarding Team on this historic accusation.
All churches should have an up to date poster for the Safeguarding policy.

 13.0  Correspondence

13.1 Margaret had received a letter to the vicar from two Archbishops about a prayer event next year called ‘Thy Kingdom Come’. It is hoped that we will join in the event. The event is interdenominational and also across countries. The information will be scanned and sent out with the minutes. It lead to question do we want to hold a special service and perhaps a beacon event near us. This will be around June next year. Discussion followed and raised the question can the Church in the Dale do something for this in a different way. It was agreed to discuss this following sending out of the letter.

13.2 ‘The Green Journey’  Diocesan initiatives about saving money in churches.  All our churches will be visited regarding heating, energy etc. and is authorised by the Venerable Bev Mason, our Archdeacon. There will be no cost incurred to us. Rev Darryl will go out with them to look at the churches.

14.0 Parish Trip/Retreat
14.1 Next year dates booked for  21st , 22nd , 23rd July at Parceval Hall. The theme will be the Prayer. Lead by Rev. Paul Skirrow. Limit is around 25 people.
14.2 Parish Trip and also a walk. Rev Darryl and some parishioners have agreed to walk the ‘St Cuthbert’s Way,’ from Melrose to Holy Island over 5 days. Parish trip for the day to Lindisfarne on the 26th August. More details to follow.

15.0  Christmas services
Dates are all listed on the agenda

16.0  St Nicholas Fair
16.1 Margaret lead the preparatory meeting tonight which was very good and thanks to all who came.  Monies are up on last year by £300. Discussion followed around the stalls staying the same. There is need for publicity support and sponsorship.
Margaret said the event needs to be bright, cheerful and exciting. It is to be held on 10th Dec this year so the same date as late night shopping in Pateley. Margaret said there is need to help and coordinate the event so gradually others will take on more each year and hopefully a transition of leadership will naturally take place.

14.0 AOB
14.1 Kath Gill will be at the Church tent at the Nidderdale Show, help at the end session for Church in the Dale for St Cuthbert’s is welcome. All churches have an hour and quarter sessions. Tent erected at 2pm so please help with this part too.

14.2 Rev Darryl informed all that the ‘Desert Island Discs’ evening with Rev Mike Poole is this Friday at Pateley Bridge Methodist Church. Rev Darryl said this should be a really enjoyable evening with someone who has a lot to share!!

15.0 Dates for diaries

The next PCC meeting is Wednesday 16th November at 7.30pm.

16.0  Closing prayer – the meeting ended with a prayer read by Rev Philip Clarke.