What's on in the United Parish of Upper Nidderdale

Mission Statement

United Parish of Upper Nidderdale PCC Mission Statement

Loving God, Loving People, Partners in Mission.

Six Buildings – One Church – One Mission.

Growing the worshipping community
The vision of the parish is to be a worshipping community that is growing numerically & Spiritually.

Promoting our spiritual and built heritage
The vision is to develop our buildings as places of encounter, engagement and spiritual significance.

Working with the Diocesan Bishop and the Church in the Dale in mission
The vision is to support the Diocesan Bishop and the Church in the Dale in mission by developing outreach, partnerships, fellowship & relationships which are centred on sharing our faith.

Engaging with the issues and needs of the world
The vision is to engage with our local communities, the region and the wider world; in particular to become known as a parish that acts for & speaks with integrity on issues of the rural communities


Cafe Church at How Stean Gorge

Sunday 19th January 2020 at 3pm
Sunday 16th February
2020 at 3pm
Sunday 15th March
2020 at 3pm

St Chad’s, Middlesmoor invites you to join them for their Café Church Service at How Stean Gorge. This has been very popular with people from all over the parish in previous years. The delights of How Stean Gorge Café (many thanks to Stan and Ann Beer for hosting us), singing well known hymns and hearing the Good News told in a different setting. Come along and join us for this really popular addition to our parish worship, why not book in for lunch beforehand?



Candlemas 2nd February 2020

6pm at St Michael & All Angels, Wilsill

Candlemas, celebrated on February 2nd, is the climax of the Christmas and Epiphany season. It is a feast day rich with several themes running through it – presentation, purification, meeting, and light for the world – each of which is rich in meaning, but combined on this one day which emphasises its importance within our Christian calendar. This bitter-sweet feast day has a pivotal position, bringing to a close the celebrations of Christmas and compelling us to look forwards, with Lent about to start, onwards to the passion of Holy Week and to Easter. The revelation of the baby Jesus to Anna and Simeon in the Temple at Jerusalem, is indeed a time for rejoicing, but Simeon’s prophetic words foreshadow the pain and suffering, not least for Mary, before Christ is truly acknowledged as the light of the world.
On Sunday February 2nd we shall be celebrating Candlemas at St Michael’s and All Angels Church at Wilsill with an evening service at 6pm. It will take us, by readings and music, from darkness to light - from the birth of Jesus through the revelation in the Temple and on to the start of the journey to the Cross.
This service also marks the beginning of a new opportunity for the Parish. I know that many people in our congregations enjoy singing but the demands of everyday life prevent them from committing to being part of a weekly choir at church. At Fr Darryl’s request, I would like to start a Parish Evensong Choir whose sole purpose will be to sing Choral Evensong on three or four Sundays throughout the year, with four rehearsals before each one. You won’t need any experience of singing in a church choir - or any choir - or need to read music, and there’s no audition either. We will gradually build up the repertoire for each service, from singing the hymns and simple anthems in this first service, to learning to sing the Psalm to a chant in the next, tackling a setting of the
Magnificat and Nunc Dimittis towards the end of the year, and a set of sung responses by Easter 2021. Every evensong will be at St Michael’s Church at 4.30pm, but the dates for the rest of 2020 need to be set by mutual agreement – and possibly the occasion to celebrate!

Rehearsals for this first service will be on Sundays: January 12, 19 and 26th, at St Cuthbert’s from 4pm to 5pm. (I know I said four rehearsals, so we’ll try to fit another in somewhere.)

If you and/or your child would like to sing in this new choir please see me at church, ring me on 01423 711041 or email me at me.mitch@btinternet.com
And on a few occasions during the year I’ll be leading a few evenings about Evensong – its origins and music throughout the centuries. There’ll be input from other people and, I hope, a few visits to hear Choral Evensong around the Deanery. More details in the February edition of Source.

Margaret Mitchell


Saturday 1st February, 10am for Nidderdale Brownies
Saturday 7th March, 10am for Nidderdale Young Farmers
St Cuthbert’s Church is very pleased to be able to offer the Church Lounge for Coffee Mornings (free of charge) between 10am and 12pm on the first Saturdays of the month for local charities and initiatives. The emphasis is for the
benefit of local rather than national charities.
We absolutely value the national and international charities too and welcome people to hold a Coffee Morning for these (free of charge) on the third Saturdays of the month.
Enquirers should contact Shona Bostwick on 711090 to book a slot.



A Lasting Gift

We are privileged if we can leave a mark of our passing, to be remembered by those people and causes we’ve cared for in life. A gift in your will to your church is one of the most valuable and lasting ways you can continue to support its mission and ministry.

As Christians and supporters of our local church many of us have been giving regularly to the mission and ministry of the parish. Gifts in wills are a natural part of Christian giving. No matter how large or small every gift that is left to the local church can make a lasting difference.

There are many ways such a gift can help support the work of the parish. For example a gift in your will could support the church’s ministry to young people, refurbish the kitchen or toilets, provide better heating, support overseas mission partners or purchase new bibles or hymn books.

In the six churches of the Parish of Upper Nidderdale we welcome all gifts in wills, however large or small, and we promise to use your gift to make a difference to our parish. Our PCC Legacy Policy is to use gifts to help fund significant projects, whether buildings, equipment or staff.

You may wish to help the Church in your Will, either by a specific bequest or one where you leave what is left over when all your bequests are fulfilled. If you have already drawn up a Will it is a relatively easy matter to amend it to include a bequest to your church. Such a bequest will be free of Inheritance Tax.

Barry Nuttall
November 2019

If you would like to talk to someone in confidence about any aspect of legacy gifts and their use or will-making in general please contact either Barry Nuttall (Parish Giving Officer) or the Revd Darryl Hall.


2020 Lent Course
We will be meeting together every Wednesday evening during Lent starting at 7.00pm to explore the Archbishop of Canterbury's Lent Book by Ruth Valerio, 'Saying Yes To Life.'
Wednesday 4th March, 7pm
Wednesday 11th March, 7pm
Wednesday 18th March, 7pm
Tuesday 24th March, 7pm
Wednesday 1st April, 7pm
The Venue will be decided when we have a clearer idea of numbers.
The course is open to everyone, young, old, new to the faith and mature
Christians, Anglican, Methodist, United Reformed, Roman Catholic, and even
people of no faith. If you have never been to one of these before don’t worry; it’s
a lovely way to deepen and develop our faith and friendships at the same time.
Participants will be expected to purchase the book and read the chapters before
each session. Suggested questions are at the end of each chapter, but you are
encouraged to say if there was anything in the chapter that you agreed or
disagreed with, you knew or did not know - anything to get conversations
started. If you are not the sort of person who is comfortable with joining in
conversations but would still like to come along, that’s fine too; you can
contribute simply by being a part of the group if that is what you prefer. Please
let Reverend Darryl know if you would like to attend the course.
Tel:711414 or e-mail: darryl.hall@leeds.anglican.org


The Drop-In Café

St Cuthbert’s Church Wednesdays 10.30am-12:30pm

Who is the Drop-In Café for? It’s there for anyone who would like to join us.

There will be a place in the church where people can go for some time with God in prayer. Someone will be willing to pray with you or simply chat over a nice cuppa. Why not drop in with one of your hobbies, knitting, sewing, games, reading, colouring etc.

It may be that the Drop-In Café will be a place to meet friends, old and new. Who is it for? Anyone who would like to join us. 




St Cuthbert’s Church Hire of Lounge and Kitchen

You are welcome to hire the facilities at St Cuthbert’s Church Coffee Mornings, Meetings, Private Parties Cost is £12.00 per hour or £30.00 per half day The church is available for hire for concerts etc. - rates on request. To book please telephone Shona Bostwick on 01423 711090



Easy Fundraiser

Do you do you shop on-line? We, in the Parish of Upper Nidderdale, strongly urge you to make use of our local shops, they have almost everything we could need. However, we are conscious that people do shop on-line too. Did you know you could raise money for our parish at the same time? Simply go to www.easyfundraising.org.uk and support the United Parish of Upper Nidderdale - a percentage of whatever you spend goes back into our Parish at no extra cost to you, but please support our local shops whenever you can. Thank you.



The Upper Nidderdale Food Bank and
Harrogate Homeless Project

A heart on fire for God is one which supports and loves those on the fringe, struggling, and in need of grace. It is really important to the Church in the Dale to respond to situations of crisis. We are especially aware of those in our area who struggle to put food on their tables, because of this we regularly collect food either for our local Food Bank or for the Harrogate Homeless Project.

If you would like to  donate food please donate tinned food (vegetables, meat or fish), rice, pasta, juice, biscuits, tea and coffee, cereals, tinned sponge puddings, rice pudding, instant mash potatoes, milk (UHT or powdered), and toiletries.  Please do not include fresh food or baked beans in your donation. Receptacles for donations are in St Cuthbert’s Church, Pateley Bridge (all week during daylight hours) for the Food Bank, Holy Trinity Dacre Banks (all week during daylight hours) and Christ Church Darley (Service times only) for the Harrogate Homeless Project.   

The decision was reached that the Food Bank at Pateley Bridge would cease to function, in its present form, on 16th June 2017. Emergency food boxes will thereafter be available to those who are in need, and have a voucher. These can be obtained by contacting

Reverend Darryl Hall 01423 711414 
The United Reformed Church 01423 712231,
The Christians Against Poverty Debt Centre 01423 771996 
Nidderdale Group Practice 01423 711369 
Nidderdale High School 01423 711246 
Nidderdale Plus 01423 714953.

Parcels can be collected from The Drop-In Café at St Cuthbert’s Church on Wednesdays from 10.30am or we may be able to organize delivery (please speak to Reverend Darryl).